This seminar will offer ideas for stewardship of money, time and technology for the whole family.

For decades, the pursuit of money and possessions has been a primary cause of family disputes and divorce. Unfortunately, there is little difference between Christians and non–believers in this statistic.  From Scripture we know that the way we handle money and the things we “own” are only symptoms of a larger heart issue in our lives. This workshop will address the core issue surrounding how we look at the things we have in our possession and in our wallet.  Ideas for instilling the stewardship principle in children will be shared.

Colossians 3, Ephesians 5
“Redeeming the time” has a whole new set of distractions in our lives, and distractions from His Word are dangerous. The internet, mobile devices, and social media can be great tools or tremendous temptations. Satan may not have to convince us of false doctrine, he just needs to keep us too busy to obey! We need to be proactive about protecting ourselves and our children, both from the content and the amount of time spent using them.  Let’s talk about ways to guard our families’ hearts. This workshop will study Scripture that focuses on God’s plan for our daily activities.